PDX Summer School

One of the projects I have undertaken this year is PDX Summer School. My friend Tim is a teacher, and last summer he was talking about starting a non-profit organization to teach low-income English Language Learners (ELL) during the summer. He was teaching these students during the school year, and was concerned that they were falling behind over the summer.

According to an article in Time, “By the time the bell rings on a new school year, the poorer kids have fallen weeks, if not months, behind.”

Because my mom also teaches ELL (or ESOL) students, I was inspired by his idea and suggested that with my training, I might be able to assist with filing the paperwork to start the organization. With a lot of work on both our ends, and the help of many friends (some of whom are now board members), we launched PDX Summer School last June. The organization is small, funded by many of Tim’s friends and family members. Yet it was able to hit the ground running and tutor 3 students during the month of August.

This month, the PDX Summer School is filing for 501(c)(3) status. Having this status will enable the organization to apply for grants and gain the support of more members of the community. The organization’s goal for 2011 is to raise $6000 to enable it to tutor 32 students this summer. We are looking to keep the groups of students small, pay the tutors by the hour, and tutor for five days a week for four weeks. And we hope to continue to grow from there!

Check out the organization’s website http://pdxsummerschool.com