Weekly news

Here a few news items that caught my attention this week.

A moving editorial on why the use of sonar is wrong.  Our government is still seeking to expand its use, despite its potential to deafen whales and dolphins.
Here’s an excerpt “If you go back to the foundations of our civilization, around the Mediterranean sea, those ancient mariners considered dolphins a sign of good luck. Vaulting into the present, most of the western world rallies to the defense of whales.
Why would a proud military service of the United States, one that lives and fights upon the same ocean where the dolphins and whales live, want to go against that ancient tradition and the modern political climate in order to wipe out thousands of the ocean’s most intelligent and harmless creatures.”
Read the rest here.

An aspect of Indian Law that I have not seen discussed in the mainstream media.
Supreme Court’s decision in the Affordable Care Act Affirms Permanent Reauthorization of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act

A lawsuit on the oil spill plan for the Arctic, filed by my former employer Oceana (and others).