Chik-fil-A, land use and the first amendment

I must confess that when I first lived in Atlanta, I thought it was called “Chik-A-fil”.  A little dyslexia perhaps?  It made no sense, and sounded awful. But after meeting Southerners and learning about the promise of their amazing sandwiches (at the time, I ate meat) and crispy waffle fries, I ventured in.  I was not disappointed!

I was only in Atlanta for one year.  After I moved from the South, I have been tormented for years by their commercials during football games, knowing I could not go. When I visited Florida in January for a friend’s wedding, I bought hashbrowns at the airport at 5 am, … and my boyfriend was jealous!

But I had always known about the religious nature the establishment. Unlike most businesses nowadays, they are closed on Sundays.  The restaurant does not hide it’s Christian intents.  However, I was quite surprised by its recent actions against gay marriage.

And I have been really interested in some of the legal commentary — particularly as it relates to land use and free speech. Many mayors have come out to say they would block Chik-Fil-A from coming to their city because of its stance. This could then be seen as a restraint on free speech. There has been quite a discussion at Land Use Prof blog, I encourage you to check it out.

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