What I’m reading

To kick off this week, post-Labor day, I am working out of my new “office”!  Yes, like many new attorneys, I do not yet have an office but am hard at work growing my practice and staying up-to-date on topics in environmental law.

Here’s what I’m reading today:
An interesting article on whether the admiralty law is the proper arena for the BP Oil Spill.  Hat tip, Environmental Law Prof Blog.

Alaska plaintiff, Nelson Kanuk, is still hoping to raise money for his appeal in the Alaska Atmospheric Trust Litigation case.  Here’s the link if you want to donate. As you know, I worked with Professor Mary Wood on some of her research behind the Trust Litigation.  It is a novel legal theory, that provides the courts with a way to take action on climate change — if they decide they want to take action.

An article on canola planting in Oregon, the pros and cons, and why the court has blocked it for now.

And of course, keeping up with the national and local elections.