water wednesday

Timothy LakeI have been spending a lot more time on twitter lately. It is a great way to connect with people of similar interests and learn a lot about many different things going on in the world, depending on who you follow.  I follow a wide range of interests — environmental, yoga, college sports, law, politics.

Today I learned about a new discussion and hashtag called #waterwednesday.  I am very passionate about access to clean drinking water and protecting this precious natural resource.  So much so, that it spurred my transition from scientist to law.  I’m planning on joining the discussion this week and for weeks to come.

Here’s some interesting news I stumbled upon today.  Out of Massachusetts — Attorney General Coakley OKs Concord plastic water bottle ban.  Working on the campaign to stop Nestle from developing a water bottling facility in the Gorge, I am excited when I see cities working to decrease the market for bottled water.

Closer to home, the Portland City Council is still figuring out how to comply with new drinking water regulations that will require closed reservoirs.  And how to pay for it.

Stay tuned for more news each week.