End of summer tips

Empty Hallway at Harrison Park SchoolIt’s September and schools just started today.  Which means, the students of PDX Summer School are heading back to their classrooms.  It will be a little while before we crunch the numbers and see how the program did.

As we await the data, I wanted to share some tips that can help you run your organization.  If you want to learn more, or need assistance with your organization, contact my office.

1) Using the Square for credit card payments at your events

  • It is a great tool to have at fundraisers, particularly for donations for glasses of beer or wine.  However, we learned the hard way that it does not give you any contact information for purchasers.  Be sure to have a back-up system of receipts

2) Develop as many systems as you can in advance.

  • For PDX Summer School, we have an intense five-week program.  Our Board members are heavily involved in running the school. (One was the Principal this year.)  While we can’t anticipate every challenge or new project that will arise, we can get better at planning out actions that can be done before the five weeks begins.

3) Document everything

  • Take photos of anything you can — you never know what you might need
  • Save paperwork from events — you don’t want to reinvent the wheel at the next one
  • Keep extra copies of news articles

4) Workers’ compensation

  • There are some tricky things that happen with a seasonal organization.  After two years of applying for a new plan each time, I have finally figured out the timing of when to apply, when to start the plan and how to renew.  This experience will help me help your organization.

Stay tuned for more tips.  If you want to learn more, or need assistance, contact my office.