Thursday’s tips and trainings

A few helpful tips and trainings for non-profits

First, LinkedIn Branches Out: Board Connect Links Nonprofits to Board Members.  An interesting use of the website and possibly a really helpful service.  “LinkedIn launched Board Connect, a program that allows nonprofit organizations to identify and recruit potential board members. Notably, LinkedIn is rolling out Board Connect to a limited group of nonprofits working in the fields of social entrepreneurship and education leadership.”  At PDX Summer School, like many non-profits, there’s always a consideration of expanding the board, and who would be the right person.  I’m interested in checking this out.  hat-tip

Upcoming trainings for small to medium-non-profits.  Check out this list from the IRS.

Also, an upcoming webinar on creating a wordpress blog.  I use wordpress and love it!  Some of it is not very intuitive so if you are new to blogging, websites, etc., it would be worth checking out!

And because a non-profit is a business, check out the #smallbizchat weekly on twitter for good ideas on different topics for growing your business.