Ada Lovelace Day

Today is Ada Lovelace Day, which is about celebrating women in science.  Check out

You might wonder why a lawyer is celebrating. First, I am a strong advocate for encouraging girls to pursue careers in science and technology. Even just having an interest can open many different doors.

But for me, my love of science started at an early age. I loved the aquarium and science museum. I learned as much as I could. Then in 8th grade we had to do a report on a scientist. On the list, there were a few women. I saw Rachel Carson’s name and stopped. I knew nothing about her but picked her for the project.

It was a perfect match. She was a marine biologist! My first live. And she wrote Silent Spring. The preeminent environmental book! Reading her biography was my first real exposure to the science behind my passion for environmentalism. In college, I started out in science but wanted more. I discovered environmental management, policy and law — which led me ultimately to my career today.

And my science background is a huge asset. For environmental cases, for talking to scientists, and for approaching things from a very methodical and logical background. This is someone who in high school took AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics and even AP Calculus.  And I am forever grateful!