pinterest, what’s it all about?

You may have heard about pinterest.  A collective group bulletin board where people can share arts and crafts, food ideas, travel photos and travel dreams.  I have a board and with the facebook announcement, I decided to revisit the terms and services.  What’s nice about them is they do a good job of explaining things in plain english.  Check them out.

Probably the most interesting thing is the recent update which created a separate account status for businesses.  In order to use pinterest for commercial purposes, you now must have a business account, which has separate a separate user agreement.  Visit Pinterest for Business. They have made it pretty easy to convert your page from a personal one to a commercial page.

The main thing to watch out for on pinterest is watching out for copyright issues.  Both when you post someone else’s content, and working to ensure it receives the proper attribution.  And when posting your own images.  Check out the copyright policy to see how to protect yourself if your copyright is infringed upon.  There was a lot more discussion of this previously.  Check out this helpful article in the Wall Street Journal.

Happy Pinning!