This week in legal news

Here are some highlights from the week:

Washington’s legalization of marijuana went into effect, but the federal government might be challenging it.  And the UN is encouraging the challenge.

Washington started giving out marriage licenses on Thursday to same sex couples! And the first same sex marriages will take place on Sunday because of a 3-day waiting period.  Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear both the challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8.

An Oregon case dealing with runoff from logging roads and the Clean Water Act was heard by the Supreme Court on Monday.  Matters were complicated because it dealt with an EPA rule, and the EPA published a new rule on Friday afternoon.  The case was brought by NEDC and Crag Law Center.

The EPA updated its standards related to bacteria and water quality testing.  This one was particularly interesting to me.  I spent a summer collecting water samples for the CT Department of Environmental Protection, to help them figure out what advisories to post related to the swimming at the state’s beaches.

And lots of news out of Doha for the Climate talks.  Which ultimately ended without much agreement on what to do about climate change.  As the stories of our warming climate continue to make news.