It’s Summer!

And PDX Summer School began our summer program!  This year, we are teaching 65 students in grades 1-5.  Here’s some news from our first day of classes. Read more about the organization here and here. Tweet

Keep Nestle Out of the Gorge!

We’re still waiting on action from the Oregon Water Resources Department on the protests that were filed.  But that doesn’t mean the campaign has to wait. Join the action next Tuesday, June 26th, in Portland! We’re calling on Governor Kitzhaber to take a stand…

update on Nestlé

As you may remember, I have been doing some volunteer work related to the fight to stop Nestlé from coming to Oregon. Today the coalition of organizations took the next step and filed a formal protest to the challenging the Oregon Water Resources Department’s…

Successful summer!

PDX Summer School had a successful summer!  In our second summer of teaching, the organization grew from tutoring three students to 32!  There were four teacher teaching the students in groups of four.  Each teacher taught two one-hour sessions per day, Monday through Thursday….

Spring has Sprung

Well it is spring here in the Pacific Northwest. Which means there are rainy days that make you want to hide inside, but when the sun comes out it is cause for celebration! The last few weeks at the courthouse, I have had the…